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Top Fashion Cities/places in the World

Top Fashion Cities/places in the World

Top Fashion Cities

It was only in the 12th century that fashion actually started surfacing for men as well as for women. The idea caught on however it took ages to spread to different places and countries around the world.

Now, fashion has become such an important thing that it is seen as one of the most important aspects that set an impression of a certain place, city or country.

Over time it seems that along with politics, fashion has also emerged as the uniting or globalizing factor. It feels good to see fashion designers emerging from different cities and belonging to different ethnic backgrounds who bring their fresh exclusive ideas onto the rampage.

Fashion has come to be known as the biggest market presence in the industry. It is an exhibition, collaboration, an event that is appreciated throughout the world. In this article I will be talking about, the top fashion cities or capitals that are exemplary for the whole world. The top, most fashionable cities:

Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona in Spain is one city that has made its mark in the top-ranking fashionable cities and from the looks of it, it seems that it plans to stay there. The city itself is so lively and full of culture that there can be a variety of different cultures found here only. The location of Barcelona-which is around the coast of Spain, also makes it easier to visit neighboring countries.

Tokyo in China

People may be surprised knowing this, but even Tokyo in China is considered amongst the top-ranking fashionable cities in the world. China has some of the most exceptional styles and clothing. And along with that their recent explosion of success in all the industries in China- Tokyo got the chance to have worked it’s way up on the top cities ranking.

Berlin in Germany – Home of Fashion

Another city, that really stands out in Berlin, in Germany. Its position keeps changing between being the 8th or 9th most fashionable city, in the world. How Berlin maintains this position is quite simple; it has a variety of designers belonging to different backgrounds who are immensely talented. Having this edge over other places is exactly what sets Berlin apart from any other city in the world.

Los Angeles City – Full of Fashion

One city that has always been in the top ranking of the top ten or top five cities is, Los Angeles in the United States. The city is known for having the most talented singers, actors as well as fashion designers. One another reason that it has so many gifted designers is that do many Hollywood flicks need to have good fashionable clothes in their movies so that they can set trends.

Paris in France

Last but not least is Paris in France. There used to be a time when Paris was number one, in the top ten rankings however that has plummeted down to a rank or two in the previous years. Some of the most ideal fashion prospects exist in Paris and nowhere else. The city is said to have a whole bunch of diverse fashion designers that help them make their own place in the fashion world!